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If you are one of our regular litter pickers on the Estate, consider yourself as a superhero – a volunteer ranger going beyond the call of duty, fighting the crime of littering! The problem is extensive with many miles of … Continue reading

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A Dog’s Dinner

The volunteers have been clearing up the Prince’s Riding after the Trust removed a number of lime trees which are not native to the area, and were encroaching on the line of sight from the Mansion to the Monument. The … Continue reading

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A Fateful Day

Ashridge volunteers need to be aware of the hazards of outside winter working on the Estate. Some two hundred years ago today, on the 16th January 1823, the 7th Earl John William was holding a shooting party for the great … Continue reading

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Why I volunteer……………..Simon New

Having been a member of the National Trust for almost 25 years, discovering over 100 properties and 50 estates, with Ashridge being visited regularly throughout this period, the notion of having some closer involvement with the National Trust became more … Continue reading

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Prioritise the Plastic

This article is not about credit cards, although they do have a part to play, it’s a plea for a New Years resolution to help solve the plastic proliferation problem. Please prioritise plastic purchases. The statistics are frightening – a … Continue reading

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