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Let’s tackle Britain’s invasive species – just leave the daffodils alone some say. The volunteers are at it again – digging up the daffodils. Sunrise, Golden Harvest, Cheerfulness, Magnificence, Soleil d’Or – the names of cultivated daffodil varieties are as … Continue reading

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There is a packed program of special events to choose from when organising your volunteering time-table for the next three months at Ashridge. There are thirteen events to consider, unlucky for some – either join the event as a visitor, … Continue reading

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Back in Time

Another week, another challenge for the volunteers at Northchurch Flats where they have been working on and off for the last three months. Located at the southern end of the extensive Northchurch common, where the chalk is exposed at the … Continue reading

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What happened to Juniper?

We only have two viable bushes at Ashridge! When juniper bushes were blighted by a fungus, horticulturists feared it could be the end for British gin. Now drinkers of the spirit can breathe a sigh of relief as experts say … Continue reading

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THE BIG 5 oh oh oh….

Congratulations, and celebrations to the followers of the Blog, who have clocked up over five thousand hits since last May. One hundred and forty posts later – it must be doing something right. We have travelled from the spring bluebells … Continue reading

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Fake News

Spring is sprung twenty six days earlier than a decade ago, causing problems for the natural cycle of plants and wildlife, according to Climate News Network. Spring is arriving ever earlier in the northern hemisphere. One sedge species in Greenland … Continue reading

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Tales of Trees at Ashridge – part one

Ashridge opened a new exhibition on Saturday at the Visitor Centre – “Root & Branch”. A veritable feast for tree-huggers. The mature forest is really our equivalent of the rainforest. The exhibition will run for a year, and crystallizes the … Continue reading

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The Home-makers

The Thursday volunteers took advantage of the good weather this week to push ahead with the clearance of Northchurch Flats, after the extensive tree and scrub clearance. One group proceeded with the ritual burning of the brash, while the ladies … Continue reading

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