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The Thursday group showed their strength again this week with thirty plus volunteers turning out, along with five staff members. This enabled the Trust to form three working parties. One to repair the dead hedge at the V C which has been plundered by the children. The second to put down a tree mulch at Ringshall, with the larger party clearing scrub and grass on Hudnall common. Presumably this is to restore the common to it’s former state – the Trust did not elaborate as usual!

The Trust reminded volunteers of the need to complete the Volunteers’ Survey – apparently only four people have done so at Ashridge. It would seem that individuals see little point in producing thirty three pages of comment, when they are not likely to be listened to! Are volunteers just seen as a necessary evil?

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3 Responses to No comment!

  1. Barbara Hayman says:

    Good one Rowan…


  2. Please complete the volunteer survey, it takes less than 5 minutes and allows you tog put your point of view regarding activities at Ashridge and the reasons behind such activities.


  3. Richard Gwilt says:

    If more people had done the survey, they could have voiced their concerns and put forward positive comments letting them know how we feel. As it now stands the Trust may think most volunteers are happy the way things are!

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