Sign of things to come……..

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The Estate can look forward to a revamp of it’s signage to improve the National Trust image and provide better direction. There is a regional project afoot to produce a standard template, along with design and content for all property signage. For too long Ashridge has suffered with inadequate and antiquated signs, some of them over twenty years old. There are plans to install fourteen information boards around the Estate, with a location finder so that the visitors can find their way about. The use of rights of way cannot easily be enforced if there is a lack of signage, but Ashridge will no doubt limit intrusive signage in line with preserving the wild and natural aspect of the Estate. The information boards require planning permission, and Susie maintains that it will be at least six months before we can see any results on the ground.

As part of the project volunteers have already surveyed the gateways and signage around the Beacon and in the Coombe, but with some five thousand acres to contemplate it will take time.

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