Richard Gwilt has joined the elite of extreme sports – the skydivers.
“I did the jump on Fri 28th April at about 2pm to raise funds for the Hospice of St Francis charity. It was dry but cloudy. We circled around to get to 13000 ft, then it was exit one at a time. The first part of the free fall was in sunshine, then we went into cloud which was cold and a bit nauseating. Came out of the cloud back into sunshine, waving at the camera man, then opened the canopy at about 5000 feet. Then we came down at a more leisurely pace where you can enjoy the view and rotate the canopy – too much turning can make you feel sick.
Landed ok feeling quite elated”.

You certainly get a different view of the countryside at five thousand feet. Richard has raised some £500 so far for his efforts – it’s not too late to donate


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  1. Richard Gwilt says:

    Thank you Rowan and John for your efforts producing this blog and your donation, and I thank those others that have donated. The jump went well, but chilly falling through the cloud base, nice in the sun above that though.
    Must have jarred a rib, have to be careful how I turn sideways.
    If anybody would like to have a go, let me know!


  2. Barbara Hayman says:

    Well done Richard, brilliant thing to do for charity


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