Chafing at the bit……..

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Horses and riders were eager to get started on the third Ashridge fun ride, held last Sunday in ideal conditions. The Trust furthered it’s aim of attracting more of the equestrian crowd to the Estate – there is nothing nicer for an urban visitor than to see a horse rider at Ashridge adding to the rural charm of the place. So much so that riders are often embarrassed by the requests to pose for pictures!
Over sixty permit holders now take advantage of the twenty miles or so of bridleways and permitted ways set up by the Trust at Ashridge – the whole of Sallow Copse is now open to horse riders and a dedicated map is available.
The way-marked route on Sunday extended to some ten miles taking in the varied scenery on the Estate, and was marshalled throughout by the volunteers.
Participants could start the ride anytime between 9am and 12pm, setting off from Barrack Square, costing £20 for adults and £10 for a child, although participants who held a valid annual riding permit were eligible for a 50% discount.
A first aid team was based at the Estate Office and vets were on call for the duration of the ride,which passed off without incident.
Susie reported that “the feedback from the riders had been amazing.  They all reported that the way-marking was superb, that the variety of landscapes we have here was breathtaking and that it was all brilliantly organised”.
A first participant on the fun ride with her friend who is also a riding instructor, both commented on a wonderful experience and said they would do it again.
The volunteer marshals were Richard Gwilt, Alistair Troup, Andy Watson, and Bernard Elgar.

Thanks to Richard for his contribution to the post.

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  1. Richard Gwilt says:

    The post covers the event well!


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