Events dear ……..

The response from Harold Macmillan in the sixties when asked what a prime minister most feared – “Events dear boy, events”. As volunteers we have nothing to fear from Ashridge events other than some really bad weather! They are a passage through the seasons to be enjoyed, and something to look forward to at a depressing time of the year.

This year there are twenty events until August – one less than last year.

Walk the Chalk is a new approach being a drop-in event on the Beacon to learn about the flora and fauna on the SSSI site – a site of special scientific importance.

The “Creatures of the Night” event of last year has been dropped – the tour guide has moved on!

There will not be any “Larking around” on Northchurch common!

The attachment lists what can be expected, so check out the details by clicking on this link, and join the throng.

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