Clearing the Beach

“Sumer is icumen in” according to the old folk song, so that is when we head for the beach nowadays – over one hundred and fifty N T properties are adjacent to beaches and the Trust rely on an army of volunteers to keep them clear of litter and preserve a pristine place. Brancaster and Blakeney, Dunwich Heath, Isle of Wight, Studland Bay, and Bedruthan Steps to name just a few.
Should you find yourself this summer on the sand or shingle of a National Trust beach or any other beach for that matter, why not spend two minutes – just two minutes – picking up the flotsam and jetsam. If every visitor spent just two minutes of their time collecting three pieces of rubbish the beach would soon be returned to the pristine condition that nature intended. The problem is that the tide of litter returns every twelve hours.
The Environment Agency (EA) has now said that more than four hundred beaches will be checked weekly in a bid to tackle the “scourge” of discarded plastic. A new unit will log data from water sampling teams around England about the amount and type of plastic found. This should identify the worst-hit beaches and use the findings to better regulate the problem. They will then liaise with community groups and non- government organisations, or local companies to alleviate the problem. The EA’s dedicated monitoring group was formed after a £750,000 investment in tackling plastic pollution was announced by the Government in January.
We do like to be beside the sea-side, and no one lives more than seventy five miles from the sea in the U K, and a stroll on the prom or a walk on the beach is one of those simple pleasures which can reduce the stress in our lives.

Happy holidays.

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