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Make hay while the sun shines is an old English proverb meaning to make good use of an opportunity while it lasts. Well the sun rays were very short lived last week for making hay in Meadleys meadow – the … Continue reading

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  Good-bye-ee  What can you say to someone who has been the life-blood of an organisation for years, when they leave unexpectedly? Good-bye-ee! good-bye-ee! Wipe the tear, baby dear, from your eye-ee. Tho’ it’s hard to part we know, You’ll … Continue reading

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Twenty volunteers gathered at the Visitor Centre last Friday to hear Ben N give a briefing on the new instructions and information being rolled out from the Estate Office. The Trust are pleased to now be able to implement certain … Continue reading

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A Chequered Past

It is hard to imagine today that Kings and Queens and the aristocracy would have passed this way over the years. The Thursday volunteers have been working to restore the look of Old Copse Drive, in the shadow of the … Continue reading

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NATIONAL TRUST EXCURSION TO ASHRIDGE. “On Saturday, May 26th, the first of the summer excursions of members of the National Trust took place at Ashridge. Ninety members, accompanied by Mr. S. H. Hamer, the retiring secretary, and Mr. I). Macleod … Continue reading

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Twenty one years young.

The annual Plant Fair on Sunday last was the big day for Sarah Jones the organiser, after all the months of effort – there was no dress rehearsal. The sun was up, the Scouts and volunteers were present all waiting … Continue reading

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For those of us that have reached retirement there are one hundred and one things, so we are told, that we can do to pass the time away until the fatal day. Jumping out of a plane at 13,000 feet … Continue reading

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The Bluebell

John Keats called it the “Sapphire queen of the mid-May” in his poem Fancy published in 1820. Two hundred years later we have to move that into April because of another early Spring. No other flower holds quite the same … Continue reading

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A lot of approval and pleasure has centred around the Visitor Centre this past week, with egg-collectors cracking on with their egg hunting despite the chilly weather, while the volunteers have been on hand to help the staff with the … Continue reading

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Last Friday’s Forum attracted over forty volunteers from the different groups. Susie presented the Workplan for 2017 at Ashridge, with Lawrence giving details of past and future commitments to conservation, and Lalenya outlining details of her forthcoming events. Capitol projects … Continue reading

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