Clearing out the dovecote at Aldbury

Thursday 19th May some of the Thursday conservation group will be clearing out the dovecote.  A couple of pictures attached prior to any work being carried out.

Built for the Duncombe family in Aldbury in 1753, as owners of Stocks manor since 1503.Ownership passed to the N T with a bequest in the 1980’s. The front elevation is designed to impress. The original flemish bond brickwork is decorated with glazed black headers and with black diaper work. A vernacular building of it’s day, housing some five hundred doves, for culinary use in the Manor house.

The dovecote will be open on Sunday 10th July 14.00 – 17.30

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3 Responses to Clearing out the dovecote at Aldbury

  1. Great information about the actual dovecote. learn something new every day !


  2. 3 volunteers and Matt from the trust have cleared the floor area and piled up the bricks that were found. Apparently the dovecote is to be open later on this year as a visitor attraction. When I have more details I will post them.


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