pointYou don’t often find graffiti at Ashridge – sometimes on the tree trunks and maybe at the windmill – but certainly not at the top of Beacon hill!

The “trig” point was recently defaced and looked very unloved – just a concrete post looking like a blot on the landscape. O K it has only been there since around 1936 but people still need to show respect.

So a volunteer was encouraged to climb the hill with two buckets of water and a brush, to do the necessary. When he arrived he found that the graffiti had mysteriously disappeared.

The Trust deny any involvement in the cleaning, so perhaps there is a guardian angel looking after this ancient iron age monument.

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2 Responses to UNUSUAL EVENTS

  1. poshjanet365gmailccom says:

    It would be discouraged now but between the wars young men for a dare rode on a motor bicycle down the front of IvinghoeBeacon.My Father being one of them! Posh Janet

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  2. johntrimmerbtconnectcom says:

    Motor cycling was very popular in those days, when there were few cars on the road.
    My Father would speed through the chalk cutting at Dunstable, and ignore the police!

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