Singing Skylarks

Survey work is underway on Northchurch Common to determine the preferred locations, and approximate number of breeding farmland birds in this area.  It’s past usage, coupled with recent and current environmental management, makes it an attractive residence and nesting site for a variety of farmland bird species.  In the past forty years or so breeding farmland birds in general have suffered a 54% decline in numbers.  In certain species however this decline is much more acute.

The wide open space that occupies a good portion of this common is a tempting prospect for future environmental improvement plans.   However, mindful of the decline in farmland bird species,   before any new ideas are implemented upon the common, Emily is mapping territories for individual birds and locations where groups of them can be found. Primarily, these are Skylarks and Meadow Pipits but including any other interesting species that may be identified in the process. It is no accident that these two species are being targeted.  Skylark numbers declined by 62% between 1970-2013 and the RSPB have included the Meadow Pipit on their Amber list for concern, due to a similar long term trend in declining numbers.

Click here to listen to the Skylarks and Meadow Pipits (you will need to click the ‘Back’ button in your browser when finished listening) – background noise due to the road and airplanes.

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Posted on behalf of Roz.

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