Bird watching Northcurch Common – 10th June

We had a really successful morning.  So many skylarks and Meadow Pipits were seen that it was quite a challenge to try and identify where each had come from and ensure, as much as possible, that we did not count the same bird twice!  We also heard Yellow Hammers, including 2 that seemed to be answering each other.
We were especially pleased to see juvenile skylarks this morning.  We also saw some of the skylarks feeding, with delicious morsels in their beaks! A few photos for you


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Posted on behalf of Roz

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1 Response to Bird watching Northcurch Common – 10th June

  1. Richard Gwilt says:

    I went to the bird nesting survey on Friday, first time for a couple of weeks. The grass is growing long now with plenty of thistles, so giving much more cover for the birds. I saw Roz taking plenty of photos. She was having trouble getting close enough to some of the birds when they sometimes landed on the path in front of us. If you try and get too close they fly away.

    Was up the Golden Valley in the week, had an interesting view of two crows mobbing a red kite, they were really giving it a hard time.


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