Painting in the Park

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Ten members of the Thursday group took up their paint rollers to maintain the metal Park fence at Little Gaddesden, last painted many years ago.

In the 1800’s much of the Park was enclosed with this type of fencing, and the Trust would like to reinstate it – the Forth bridge comes to mind. The original fence line was further into the Park, when the hay meadow formed part of the common green. It was enclosed by the Bridgewaters, probably by the 7th Earl John William or his widow, certainly before 1833. No resolute resistance took place by the inhabitants of Little Gaddesden to this encroachment. A Mr Lane writing in 1854 attributes the encroachment to Lord Bridgewater. He said “the enclosure of the portion of the Park which runs parallel with the road thro’ the village was not done without some resistance.”

Nearby is Blue Pot pond , opposite the Manor House which was used by the villagers during the 19th century for drinking water!

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