What is it?

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What is it? What does it do? It’s a conundrum.

It looks impressive, and it looks splendid – a natural link between the man-made features of the Visitor Centre and the landscape of the Estate.

Is it to enclose something, or to keep people out? Will it stand the test of time? – little Johnny will need to retrieve his ball and Mary her frisbee! Will it become a litter bin?

Without a gateway it is a mystery to most people. It will be a talking point for months to come. Hopefully a sign will appear explaining it’s merits for conservation.

It is of course the latest and longest (some 100 yards) of dead-hedge produced by twenty five of the Thursday volunteers, in a single morning. Like the one at Deer Leap on October 2nd, when we said it could become fashionable!

The logs are from the clearance work in Harding’s Rookery carried out by the volunteers earlier in the year, which have now been put to good use. With a plentiful supply of timber on the Estate, coupled with the experience of the volunteers , we can expect the fashion to continue!

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1 Response to What is it?

  1. Richard Gwilt says:

    Saw it today, very impressed!


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