Louise Prideaux

In the “myvolunteering” newsletter for October, Louise Prideaux the N T’s volunteering correspondent for the South West, wrote a piece about being a “voice for the countryside”. Visiting the Countryfile Live exhibition at Blenheim in August where the N T had a stand, she spoke to Daniel Dodd who is the Trust’s Director of Communications. It appears that the Trust has widened it’s scope beyond historic buildings to the restoration of natural habitats like Ashridge.

BBC Coast presenter Nick Crane was a speaker at the Exhibition. He spoke enthusiastically about the Trust’s “ethos of care” which is reliant on volunteers spreading the word for it to be effective. Trust members having paid their subscriptions are entitled to know the policy of the Charity, and learn how this will be implemented at Ashridge.

You can read the article on myvolunteering.nationaltrust.org.uk  News/News by region/National news/BBC Countryfile Live; Outdoors and Nature part 2 (line 4)

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