A Regal Message

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For those of you that have missed it , and there must have been a lot if the response figures are a judge, Helen Ghosh the Director General put out a Seasonal message to volunteers on the myvolunteering web site.

During the year the N T has been dogged by some bad press from the left wing media for it’s handling of events – executive pay, money-making schemes, pop-up events, and land purchase. These events have been a distraction from it’s core purpose of conservation, with a possible dumbing-down by wishing to be “inclusive”. Volunteers have even been described as devout and fervent followers!

However the D G was upbeat and not at all defensive about events, stating the need “to focus on our core purpose and move forward together with local communities with other opinions, towards the common cause that we have”. Conservation is about managing a process of change. “In the end the success of what we do depends on the energy, commitment and skills of the staff and our volunteers”. We need to “move, teach and inspire the visitors and engage with them in what we do to maintain their support for us in the future”. She reminds us that “we are not just a visitor attraction but we have a need to look after our special places for ever and for everyone”.

So we have added a greeting on the video on behalf of the Blog – the only comment so far!

Do have a look at the message from the Trust  – a regal performance. It will only take up ten minutes of your day! The password to access the video is on the message.


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1 Response to A Regal Message

  1. The video message from the D G has gone from the MyVolunteering home page. If you go to the bottom of the home page and click the link “More news this way” and you will find the video message there. It is currently the top one in the list.


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