THE BIG 5 oh oh oh….


Congratulations, and celebrations to the followers of the Blog, who have clocked up over five thousand hits since last May. One hundred and forty posts later – it must be doing something right. We have travelled from the spring bluebells of Dockey Wood round to the spring dandelions of Frithsden, with everything in between.

When the Ashridge Volunteers’ Blog was first muted in the spring of 2016 it was uncertain as to whether or not it would succeed, and if it would run counter to the rules and regulations of the Trust. It was a leap of faith. Realising that the older generation view social media with suspicion, it needed to have serious content and be free from advertising. Not just reporting on volunteer achievements but being informative and topical. We think that volunteers have a need to know what Ashridge is all about – past, present and future.

So far there has been sufficient material to keep our followers interested. Only time will tell if this will continue. So as today’s BBC weather forecaster said – that’s it, enjoy!



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2 Responses to THE BIG 5 oh oh oh….

  1. John Bell says:

    I completely agree that all the posts have been entertaining and informative so please keep up the good work. John


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