That’s a big delivery of eggs in anyone’s book.

And that was not the end of it for servicing the ever popular children’s egg hunt this Easter at the Visitor Centre, as extra supplies were needed.
It also required volumes of volunteers to support the staff running the annual event.
Set to coincide with the Easter school break the trail was priced at £3 as an “Early Bird” offer for the three days preceding Easter, and £5 over the four day Easter holiday week-end.
Good weather ensured that, at this fickle time of year it would be a run-away success.
Nowadays there is competition from other local venues like Aston Clinton Park, Waddesden and Ascott, so Ashridge needed to have a compelling offer. There were over two hundred and sixty N T egg hunts held across the Country.
The two tier pricing was aimed at spreading the visitor numbers and to encourage early visits – some visitors took to social media complaining that the £5 charge was excessive compared to other venues charging less than £3 – you get what you pay for.
What you got was a cleverly designed woodland trail introduction of migrating birds arriving from around the world – Easter Bunny had invited a bunch of birds to his party.
Several visits to a local supermarket were required to have adequate supplies of chocolate eggs available to give out as prizes on completion of the trail – Easter’s most treasured staple melting in the hot weather!

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