Thursday Group 2nd June

Although I didn’t make it (Rowan) I understand that there was more fence removal at the Frithsden  Copse, some helped Emily to put up owl boxes and the rest of the volunteers tidied up round the monument where it was very muddy.

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1 Response to Thursday Group 2nd June

  1. Posh Janet says:

    To the volunteers who helped with the owl boxes. Would you know what type of owl boxes were put up, for which species of owl? It can take up to 4 years for an owl to nest in the box; they do not like clean boxes so it is best to make them with old wood best untreated or to make dirty deliberately. Tawny owls nest in boxes near me but they were occupied for the first two years by families of pigeons. Unfortunately two weeks ago I came across a dead tawny owl fledgling dead on the ground. It still had down on its head and body, the head and talons were well developed and the wing pinions were well grown. The specimen was taken to Tring museum as they have not got one in their collection. Does any other volunteer have experiences with owls?


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