If you bag it, don’t leave it.


It is hard to understand the mentality of some visitors who take pains to bag their dog’s mess and then throw it into a tree. Plastic bags blight the landscape for years to come.

Visitors need to be aware of the Trust’s policy on dog mess and litter. There are no collection bins provided on the Estate, apart from around the Visitor Centre. Lawrence maintains that bins attract litter and they have to be emptied. Dog mess should be flicked into the long grass where it will decompose, and will not be a nuisance to others. If it is picked up in a bag it must be taken home for disposal, along with personal litter. We expect the Estate to be litter free which is part of the visitor experience.

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1 Response to If you bag it, don’t leave it.

  1. Richard Gwilt says:

    I wonder how many people who leave mess and litter around and enjoy the Trust land and facilities are members of the Trust. Be interesting if a survey could be done to find out!


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