What and where? – any ideas


Does anyone know anything about this? Please leave a comment if you do.

Post supplied by Richard Gwilt – volunteer ranger.

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5 Responses to What and where? – any ideas

  1. Posh Janet says:

    Am I the only person to comment. I suggest that it is the entrance to one of Ashridge House ice houses.Probably the one nearest the house not the near Frithsden in Queen Elizabeth Wood..I am not 100% certain as I thought that the Ashridge House ice house had a large pudding stone near the entrance. Now shoot me down in flames – it will at least show that you have read the comment


  2. Posh Janet says:

    If I am correct would you be interested to learn about ice houses, their construction and uses


  3. Barbara Matthewson says:

    I’m sure it’s not the Frithsden one – I spent a morning a few months ago with other Thursday Conservation Group members clearing out all the bits of old wood, golf balls etc which had got chucked down the shaft a few years ago – a good opportunity to see down into the brick-lined shaft. It looked much better after our efforts.


  4. johntrimmerbtconnectcom says:

    The 18th century ice house is in Harding’s Rookery adjacent to the College. It was built for the Mansion around 1760 at the time of Capability Brown. It is the best preserved building of it’s type in England, and is owned by the College. The construction details can be found on the Ashridgetimeline (on the header line at the top of the page – see “bats in the ice-house” 1778).
    The Thursday group were looking for a long lost Wild Service tree but came up with an 18thC ice-house in stead!


  5. Richard Gwilt says:

    That may be the pudding stone on the top.


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