Walk Bob Forester’s Way – (please complete the poll below)

The Trust have just added another route to their series of walks – known as the Forester’s Walk. The four mile stroll starts at Barrack Square and takes you around Aldbury common and Thunderdell Wood.
Way-mark signs in the form of roundels are placed at strategic points along the route and some are fitted with plaques giving historical details of the spot. You can join or leave the route at any point but you would probably need a map to regain your orientation with the start point. The plaques were funded by the Aylesbury N T Association who collect income on behalf of local N T properties. Richard Gwilt our ranger has completed the walk and only got lost once – he retraced his steps to find the correct way. The Trust do not have a leaflet on the walk, so it is not clear how it will be promoted.
You are probably aware that Bob Davis the N T Head Forester will soon be leaving Ashridge for early retirement – after forty two years service! It would be a fitting tribute to him if the new walk could be known as the Bob Forester’s Walk. The plaques would not need to be changed, but any new map or leaflet would include the revised name.
What do you think?

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1 Response to Walk Bob Forester’s Way – (please complete the poll below)

  1. Mrs P says:

    As a complete stranger to the area I can confirm its easy to get lost on this walk! We tried to follow it and lost the markers after about the fifth one, we ended up walking 12 miles.


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