More dead hedges!

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Dead hedges have become very fashionable at Ashridge. The weather last Thursday was inclement, but the volunteers produced their longest dead hedge to date. It required six machine loads of logs and brash to produce some seventy yards of hedging.

Ben our park forester has been concerned about the condition of the large beech trees at the entrance to Prince’s Riding, at Deer Leap. Regular use of the permissive bridleway (it is not a legal right of way), by walkers, bikers and horse riders had created severe compaction of the ground around the trees, so a radical approach was required by the Trust. They closed the route – a bold move so expect some antipathy from the public! Walkers and horse riders (no bikers), are asked to use the Deer Leap gate, or the permissive bridleway to the right of the entrance. Signs have been erected to inform the public. Watch out for more dead hedges on the Estate – they are proving very effective.

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