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The Bramblings are back from their travels in Scandinavia – they have moved in with their extended family the Chaffinches at the Beeches on the Beacon Road – SP963157. They plan to stay for a few months hoovering up the beech mast most mornings and late afternoons. They are a bold brash and bumptious lot compared to the Chaffs – a large family group with strength in numbers wearing flashy orange waistcoats.

The Bramblings don’t get on well with their country cousins the Greenfinches down at Ivinghoe. The Greenfinches prefer a quiet life so they keep well away lodging at Hawthorn Hedges on the outskirts of the village in Windmill Field – SP946161. The large flock normally get home about teatime and are quite friendly if you wish to visit them – they have suffered a few fatalities recently from infections picked up from eating stale and mouldy bread. They are on the mend now but have been given the silent treatment by the grumpy Bramblings who say that the constant wheezing of their country cousins gets on their nerves.

Family feuds!

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