Making charcoal

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How to make charcoal – easy peasy!

The charcoal burner’s trade secrets were handed down from one generation to the next, and charcoal fired the early Industrial Revolution until it was replaced by coke. As a woodland industry it started to die out by the end of the 19th century. This ancient occupation has been resurrected in recent years , and can now be replicated on a small scale as demonstrated at the recent Big Camp event at Ashridge.

The volunteers made use of the plentiful supply of timber from the Estate, like ash and beech, which produces a far superior charcoal to that imported from overseas. It is of course a sustainable product, and is sold at the Visitor Centre for barbecues.

For a detailed explanation of the process please click here



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  1. Great fun at the BIG camp. The monument was extremely busy as the BBQ didn’t run as smoothly as it should of leading to many people turning up to climb the monument. Looking forward to the next one in August.


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