Children’s Trail

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Volunteers are supervising the Christmas trail taking place on the three weekends before Christmas, and the one weekend thereafter. The course runs around the outside of Meadley’s meadow, and the theme this year is based on woodland creatures preparing for Winter and getting ready for Christmas. “Homes” have been created and displayed around the course, with each one having a notice board explaining the feature, written in poetic verse. The aim is to guide a robin to it’s party venue at the last display. Three of the displays are sensory including touch, smell, and sound, which has proved a big hit with the children. They need to put their hands inside a bauble and guess the contents. Each “home” features a different wild native including the robin, a squirrel, hedgehog, deer, fox, shrew, owl, glis glis, stoat, bat and badger. The final display is the robin’s party site with four small houses. With high numbers of visitors there has been lots of praise from the parents, the presentation considered to be the best yet . The cost per child is £3, with dogs and the like going free. An American skunk was seen trying to get into the action!

Thanks to Richard Gwilt

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